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We offer a variety of transportation solutions. Regardless of its type, we always guarantee that the delivery is carried out in optimal conditions and on time.

Whether road, sea, air or rail, we provide support for a wide variety of sectors. Any transport organized and carried out with the help of LEVICONSSIA will be delivered to a safe place.

Our partners


We are looking for employees we have decent working conditions, we are a team,

The secret of success lies in a good team spirit and experience, working with us means:”stability, security and good adaptation”

instead, we demand seriousness, competitiveness and punctuality,

The company's philosophy is aimed at customer satisfaction.

In LEVICONSSIA you will find a profitable schedule, decent wages and European behavior.


We are looking for:

- Drivers

- English and German dispatchers


Our advantages

Customer support

Our dispatchers are at your service at any time when you want to contact them.
We have support in foreign languages, we are well organized!
We have the most modern methods of communication.


During transportation by LEVINCOSSIA we are fully responsible for the goods from the moment of receipt to the moment of transfer, safety is our concern.

Fast and safe

We deliver on time to ensure that you receive the goods at the right time, we use modern technology and our seriousness ensure timely delivery.

We are everywhere

We provide shipping services both in the West and in the East.For example, Germany, Austria,Belgium and East Russian Federation,Ukraine,Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan.


I am very much in the service. Thanks to Leviconssia helped me every time I needed!


Republic of Romania - Strada Principală Nr.16

RO- 737333 Valea Târgului Pușcași, România, VAT: RO 37531443

Mon-Fri: 00:00 - 24:00

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